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What is this?

It's a game about guessing whether a JS library exists, because there are so many of them. We'll give you a random word, you'll have to guess whether it's an actual JS library or not.

What is the drinking game?

This game was inspired by this Reddit post. To play the drinking game, play this game and take a shot / drink / finger whenever you get it wrong. If you can guess what the library does before opening the link, everyone else has to drink.

Why is GitHub rate-limiting me?

GitHub's free API limits you to 10 checks a minute. If you do more than that, you'll get rate-limited.

Is this game safe for work?

Probably. The game occasionally gives you swears, though. You be the judge.

How does this game work?

The game generates a random word. When you pick it, it'll use the GitHub API to search GitHub for the JS library - that's it really.

Who made this?

This guy.

Why is this made with jQuery, in {whatever year it is now}?

Because it was easy, and I don't care. This was all built in less than 3 hours. And I used jQuery 3, so give me a break.

What is a JS library?

Why are you here?

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